Ali on TGP 207: I gave it everything I had.

When I found out that the theme this week was Theatricality, I was SO excited.  My background is in theatre and I studied musical theatre in college.  I have such an appreciation for musicals, and I was so excited to get to focus of theatricality for the week.

When Grant walked in the room I thought he was very handsome!  I think his character on GLEE is evil, so I was interested in seeing what he was really like in person.  

It felt SO amazing to win my first homework assignment. I was so excited to get to work with Grant and get a standout moment in the video!  Winning this week made me feel like I was really moving along in the competition.

When I was told I would be playing Katy Perry in the music video, I was excited! I felt like I would be able to capture her essence.  I know her music but I was nervous about capturing her mannerisms. Grant gave me some of the best advice possible during my one-on-one mentoring session: He advised me to treat the part of my song as a monologue to really become connected to it.  He also told me to trust myself and my choices.  I'm so glad he reminded me of that because sometimes while in the competition you can have moments of second guessing yourself! In the end, I was happy with my music video performance.  I definitely feel like I gave it everything I had and it was a blast shooting it.  

When I found out I was called back first this week I was THRILLED! To be called back first two weeks in a row felt so encouraging. But when I found out Nellie was being sent home I was very disappointed.  I think Nellie was true to herself her entire time during the competition and I respect that so much.  Nellie became my close friend, and I really felt like we could be there for each other.  I also felt Nellie became my little sister in the house and I felt the need to protect her.  It was very hard for me to see Nellie go home.

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