Ali on TGP 210: I know I can act, sing and dance.

When I found out that the theme this week was Actability I was so excited.  I wanted to have an acting challenge because I think it's very important for our acting skills to be tested. After all, GLEE is a television show where you have to ACT.  

When Robert talked about how important it is to be a triple threat on GLEE I was excited.  I think I am a triple threat in my own way.  I know I can act, sing and dance.  I have training in all three areas and have been doing musical theatre since I was young which involves all three skills.  

When we were told that we would be assigned a random emotion flashcard during the homework assignment I was, again, SO excited!  It felt like an improv game and I LOVE improv.  

I was really moved by the character I was assigned for the music video.  I felt like this character was really going to bring out a vulnerable side in me, and I was excited and nervous.  I also felt a real responsibility to portray this character in an authentic way.  This is a story that is similar to some of my friends in that I know people who were very athletic and then they were in an accident and their whole life changed.

When Zach, Nikki and Robert gave told us that we would all be performing for Ryan and all of the writers from GLEE I was so pumped!  This was an incredible opportunity, and Ryan had never seen me sing a solo so I felt so happy that he would see me perform before the finale.  I felt so great about my solo.  I felt like I really stepped up and Ryan was very happy as well.  I loved talking to the writers afterwards and getting their feedback.  

I was so shocked when I found out that both Lily and Michael were going home.  I was sad because both of them worked so hard to get there and they are both two of my best friends.  It was so hard to see them go.  But I was SO SO SO excited to find out I was going to be in the finale with Blake and Aylin.  This was it! I made it! And now it was time to give the competition everything I had left! I was ready to win!

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