Ali on TGP 211: This has been an unexpected dream come true!

Making it to the finale is a dream come true! When I entered the competition my goal was to make it all the way through. When all the past contenders walked in the house I nearly had a heart attack. I had a feeling that they were all going to come back for the finale because that's what happened last season, however I did not expect them to come out when Robert announced the homework assignment. Seeing some of the people that had been eliminated earlier on was incredible! I missed them a lot! The final choreography session was really fun! I loved having everyone there. The energy was so high and I was excited to get to work with Michael again.

My last session in the booth with Nikki was a blast! I really focused on my character and had a blast using the "b*tch" in this song. It was probably my favorite time in the studio. Being mentored by Chris Colfer was awesome! He is so down to earth.  He was a theater kid growing up as well and I loved his advice for us. I felt like he really understood me and was genuinely excited for me!

Being on set for the last music video was a blast.  It felt different that Blake, Aylin and I were the only ones doing solo parts.  Throughout the competition I got used to working a lot as an ensemble.  This video was definitely an opportunity to connect and enjoy each other. 

I decided to make "Popular" from Wicked my final song because I felt like it would show me off as an actress and a singer. At the end I wanted to show Ryan and all of the mentors that I could act, sing and dance. I think this song allowed me to shine. I was really happy with my final performance! It was a blast and having everyone there from the season including the mentors and writers was incredible! I felt so much love and support from everyone.

When I found out that Blake won I was thrilled for him.  He had worked so hard and was perfect for this opportunity. I never felt like I "lost" The Glee Project because I only gained from this experience. I am so thrilled that I got to go on this journey! This is only the beginning of my career! You always win when you've learned something and I have learned SOOO much on The Glee Project! Not just about performing but about myself! The greatest lesson I have come away from this experience with is that I am enough. Thank you to all the fans for your love! This has been an unexpected dream come true!  

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