Aylin on TGP 207: My mind was somewhere else.

Being in the house without Charlie was a horrible feeling. I felt like a zombie... my body was still in the house, but my mind was somewhere else. Every time I passed the boys dorm, I expected to see Charlie there, but he wasn't. He kept me grounded. Without him in the house, I think everything just annoyed me. I loved everyone in the house but I was still trying to get over the fact that Charlie left. I just needed some room to breathe and it's hard to do that when there are seven other people around you all of the time.

Going in to this week, I was excited but scared of the theme of Theatricality. I am not a theatrical person and do not have a theatre background, so I was definitely alarmed. 

When Grant Gustin walked into the chorus room, all I could think was, “Dear God he is so hot!” I was not expecting Grant to be the mentor, but boy am I glad he was! I think that considering the fact that musical theatre is not my forte, I did fairly well in the homework assignment. I did the best that I could with what I was given.

When I was told I would be playing Madonna in the music video, I was excited about it, but I had no idea how they were going to make me look like Madonna!

Even though Zach stressed that the choreography had to be perfect this week, I wasn’t too worried. I love to dance and have been dancing since the age of five, so learning and memorizing choreography was never very difficult for me. I just really wanted all of us to do a great job this week because we needed to redeem ourselves from Dance-ability week.  And I think we did! I was very happy with my performance in the music video. I channeled Madonna's energy and went with it! It was a blast to film.

I had a rough start in the beginning of the week because I was still upset over Charlie leaving. But, I think that I turned things around in the music video so, it was a relief to be called back! I couldn't be happier knowing that I was allowed to stay another week. But Nellie became a really close friend of mine over the course of the competition and seeing her go was so sad. I definitely am going to miss her energy and her presence in the house. I love Nellie so much and it was definitely a sad day for all of us!

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