Blake on TGP 203: I feel like I'm learning and improving each week.

When we found out it was Vulnerability week I think we were all immediately intimidated. We knew it was going to be a very emotional/intense week and that a lot would be needed from within ourselves.

When Cory Monteith came in as the guest judge, the minute he walked through those doors my mind was scrambled and I couldn't believe it. I look up to Cory as an actor and I admire his character on GLEE so needless to say I was extremely excited!

The focus for this week was bullying and that’s something that has really touched my life. Bullying has shown me what to believe in. It has shown me to take a stand for people when help is needed. In Junior High School I was a very small, skinny kid. At my school there were some people who felt the need to say and do mean things to me. One time during class, a good friend of mine was having papers thrown at him by an older classmate. My friend began defending himself by telling this bully how ridiculous he was for throwing papers at him. The older classmate immediately got up when the teacher was not looking and hit my friend in the head extremely hard. My friend was in shock for a moment and began crying. There have been moments like those in my life where I have hated watching friends or people I don't even know being hurt or humiliated. I just wanted to stand up for them. After a while I refused to be a bystander and decided to be there no matter what for my friends and strangers if I am needed. 

On the set of the music video it definitely helped having Michael during my scene of being bullied. Given the fact that we were bullies for each other's scene, I think we both felt a sense of trust with one another. We remained in the scene and saw each other as the "Bully" and/or "Victim." While on set for being bullied, I tried my best to remain focused on the situation and emotion in order to use it. When bullying Michael, we focused on who we were to each other. I think it was a positive experience and I learned a lot being on both sides of things.

I am so grateful for being called back first this week! I could not believe it at all! I feel like I'm learning and improving each week. I feel like we are all training our musical/art muscles and each week we learn more and more. 

It was shocking that Mario, Lily Mae and Charlie were in the bottom three. I thought everyone did awesome this week and I could not see ANYONE being in the bottom.

When the judges were discussing the Last Chance Performances, Mario made a comment about how some of us hadn’t hit our notes when recording. I think we were all just caught off guard and were not expecting him to say that. I don't think he had bad intentions when he said that though. In the moment I'm sure it just came out. Mario wouldn't have said anything to purposely hurt anybody.

I was very happy to see that everyone was called back this week. I was so glad to know we could all go into the next week knowing we were all together still.

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