Blake on TGP 206: It honestly felt like I had just been slapped by a snowman.

I was extremely intimidated when I found out the weeks theme was "Fearlessness." I didn't know what to expect! When you hear "Fearlessness" you automatically assume you are going to have to jump off of a building or jump through a ring of fire.

I was so excited when I heard what the homework assignment song was going to be. I didn't know what it was at first but when we played the song and began practicing, we knew it was going to be so much fun! But I was totally intimidated about performing for Jane Lynch! I was hoping not to mess up at all in front of her. But she was such a nice person and she is so hilarious. It was so incredible having her as a guest mentor.

When we found out the music video was going to take place in a pool I was pretty excited/nervous. I love swimming but in my head I was thinking, "I hope we don't have to wear skin-tight speedos like I see when I go to the beach sometimes that would be super uncomfortable..."

When I received my first slushie in my face, it honestly felt like I had just been slapped by a snowman. It was so cold! When we saw Ali getting slushied and having trouble breathing I was so worried. I just wanted to run across the pool and help her. I was so worried about her. But in the end, I know that we all had a great time shooting the music video and did the BEST we could!

I was extremely shocked when we found out Charlie was being sent home. That was the last thing any of us expected knowing how much Ryan loved Charlie.

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