Blake on TGP 208: The whole shoot was intense.

Once we found out the theme of the week was "Tenacity," we all knew this week was going to demand for us to step it up and do our best to fight through the obstacles that were going to come our way.

When Amber Riley walked into the room we were all so incredibly excited. She was definitely the PERFECT guest mentor to have for Tenacity Week, and this homework assignment was a lot of fun. I think we all did our best to show our tenacity while performing.

While shooting the music video, I was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED as time went on! At first we all thought it would be easy, but the more takes we had to do, the more we started feeling the pain. While doing the wheel barrel exercise with Shanna take after take, my stomach muscles became extremely cramped and tired. The whole shoot was definitely intense.  I believe we all did the best we could. We fought through every take and I feel very positive about our performance as a whole.

I was very grateful to be on the callback list for this week. I was very happy to be told I was called back and I was extremely thankful. It was definitely a blessing. 

I could not believe that Abraham was going home. He had become a great friend and such a big voice in the house that it was hard to even picture us being there without him.

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