Blake on TGP 210: I could not wait to see what we would be doing this week.

Once we found out that the theme of the week was Actability I was extremely excited. I could not wait to see what exactly we would be doing this week!

When we found out that we would be randomly assigned an emotion on a flashcard during the homework assignment I was immediately anxious and very nervous. We were all hoping for the best. I was happy with the card I was given, though, and it was fun for all of us to convey our emotions while performing.

Once I was given my character for the music video I was excited, but I knew it would be a challenge so I was also nervous. I definitely wanted to give the role life and perform to the best of my ability.

It was definitely fun and a learning experience to improvise scenes on the set of the music video. Knowing the situation and the relationship of the characters and having to explore through emotions in order to communicate was like a roller coaster. It was so fun learning more about the characters as the scenes went on.

It was extremely emotional to hear Zach, Nikki, and Robert's final speech to all of us. Over the course of the entire competition we had gotten to spend so much time with them. Their words meant a great deal to all of us.

Once we found out that each of us were going to do a last chance performance not only in front of Ryan, but also in front of the writers of GLEE, I couldn't help but be nervous! I really wanted to do my best in front of all of them. But I enjoyed my performance. I felt like I showed a different side of myself through the song and dancing. I had a lot of fun doing it, but I was still nervous after the performance and I was hoping for the best.

When I read the callback list, I had a lot going through my head. I could not believe that I had made it to the finale, so I was very happy and excited! But I could also NOT believe that both Michael and Lily were going home. Lily had become a very good friend of mine and was one of the people I could go to for help with anything. Michael had become like a brother to me. He was and will always be one of my best friends. We helped each other with advice and "Guy Talks" throughout the competition. It was so sad to see two people that I saw as family and two people that I love dearly leave the competition. It was heart breaking.

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