Blake on TGP 211: I could not believe it AT ALL.

When I found out that I had made it to the finale, I could not believe it AT ALL. I was so grateful and thankful that I had received this amazing opportunity to have one last shot to give it all that I could to hopefully be on Glee. When I found out that I had made it to the finale, all I could think was "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

I could NOT believe that everyone came back for the final week! It was awesome to see everyone again! It felt like our family was put back together. All of us dancing together again felt like a HUGE party and it was so fun to be able to jam out together!

I felt a lot of pressure in the recording booth for the final time. We all knew that this was our last chance to show what we could do so we really wanted to do a good job.

Our one-on-one mentoring session with Chris Colfer was AWESOME. He gave us all really good tips and ideas to go into our final week with. He was very supportive and kind to us!!! It was EXTREMELY exciting to have him as our final guest mentor!!!

Being on the set for the last time was pretty nerve racking. We definitely wanted to do a good job on this last music video and have as much fun as we could. But at the same time, it was sad. Here we all were on the set of our LAST music video. We had become family and this was our home. 

"I'll Be" by Edwin McCain is an AMAZING song. It has always been one of my favorites. I have always been the type of person that wanted to be there for my family, friends, and loved ones. I wanted my final song to truly show who I am to Ryan and I felt like this song would help me display that to him.

I had A LOT of fun during my final performance. While singing my song, I could not believe I had made it to this point. I was so grateful; I can't explain how thankful I was to be able to have made it that far. It was amazing having all of our friends there to support us. Having them there actually made it less nerve racking, there was so much support for Ali, Aylin, and I with our friends there.

Throughout the competition, Ryan had told me that I really needed to show him a different side of me that he hadn't seen before. I decided to write the poem because I started writing poetry when I was a kid. Writing poetry evolved into writing stories and scripts as the years went on, but I have always had a special connection to poetry. When I write poetry it helps me to explain exactly what I'm feeling. I am always there to give friends advice and comfort if they need me, but I when I need to vent or have something on my mind, writing helps me so much. Poetry is my gateway to expressing how I feel at times, and that is why I chose to write a poem for Ryan.

Winning The Glee Project was honestly the HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. I could not believe that I won!!! Once I heard Ryan say it, I could not hold still and I just jumped like a video game character. I have heard no so many times since I started to pursue acting. I was so grateful and thankful to finally hear a “yes” like this. This could never have happened without my family, friends, and loved ones who have always been there with their support and love. I will never change and I will be grateful and thankful for everything that happens. On that finale night, I heard the “yes” that I have been working for since I was a kid. Acting is my wife. I will marry Acting, have seven kids with Acting, and put all of our kids through college. I am thankful for everything and everyone that made this possible and I will carry this in my heart for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful.

Take a look back at Blake’s Journey to winning The Glee Project! Check out Blake's videos here.

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