Blake on TGP Casting Special: I am just someone who loves to sing.

I decided I wanted to become a performer in the fourth grade when I was making my class laugh with a short story I had written in my class journal. Hearing people enjoying something that I wrote and acted out for them was inspiring for me at that age. This has stuck with me since then.

I don't have any musical training. I am just someone who loves to sing. I hope to show people that no matter how much training or experience you have, as long as you believe in yourself no matter what and always remain positive, you will do the best you can.

I wanted to audition for The Glee Project for a few reasons. I saw what great things the show did for the contenders last year. I’ve had this dream of becoming an actor since I was a young boy and it would make that a reality. Since the first episode of GLEE I’ve dreamed of being on that show, and The Glee Project gives me a real chance at that.

It was EXTREMELY intimidating seeing how many people were auditioning for The Glee Project. Not only were there many people but they were also SO FLIPPING TALENTED! The first song I auditioned in front of Robert with was "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. I chose "Drops of Jupiter" because it has always spoken to me. It really felt like a good fit. Robert's feedback was positive and he was very nice about it. He is a great guy!

What makes me different from the rest of the competition is that I believe I am the type of competitor who won’t throw anything in your face. I will always be respectful to others. I am competitive from within, but not to the point where people have to see "competition" on my forehead.

I can honestly say that when Robert told me I would be on The Glee Project it was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was the first time I truly felt acceptance for doing what I love to do. If I win The Glee Project, I would love to play the Finn-type of character. He’s the type of guy who is there for all of his classmates and friends with help and advice. He has a sense of humor to him but is definitely serious when he has to be.

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