Lily Mae on TGP 208: Everything was pretty unpredictable.

I was excited for Tenacity week! I was excited for Tenacity week! I knew I had been pretty tenacious this whole season. So I just knew to continue that. When I found out Amber Riley was the guest mentor, I thought, “Ahh! Amber Riley!” I'm such a huge fan. I think she has a fan-freakin-tastic voice. And I loved her outfit!

My homework assignment performance wasn't the best.  During rehearsals I felt great, but for some reason I freaked out and got really distracted during the actual performance. It definitely showed.

I think ultimately the jump rope group had trouble because we weren't working as a team. And in that jump roping set-up, we had to depend on each other. But I was pleased with my music video performance; I thought I really made an effort to be a team player this week, from the vocal booth until Ali's last dunk of the basket.

At this point wasn’t surprised for ANYONE to be in the bottom. Everything was pretty unpredictable. But this last chance performance was certainly my favorite! Finally I got a musical theatre song and it showed of so many different sides of me. I was very thankful for that song.

When Abe wasn’t called back, I was sad to see him go! He was such an important part of our dysfunctional family.

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