Mario on TGP 202: Any time Im grooving, Im having a blast.

When Robert told us that the theme of the week would be “Dance-ability” I was thinking "Oy gevolt, time to put your dancing skills to the test." As a performer, I'm glad that I'm able to use the stage and not be stuck behind an instrument, but it's all a matter of nerves. When I am fearless -- which I am most times -- I can dance OK, but when the nerves kick in, things can go wrong. This is different because I’m going from dancing in my bedroom to dancing on a show that requires my dancing to be judged. They are not making it easy for me and I'm grateful for that. Bring it on, Zach! LOL.

For the homework challenge, I felt strongly that I should have my first choice line in "We've Got the Beat" over Ali. Since we weren’t playing rock, paper, scissors, I felt I needed to be politely assertive when stating my opinion. Since the line was “round, and around and around,” I wanted to do a cool dance move and a crazy vocal run.  I love Ali and I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I just thought that "round and around and around" with the gesture she wanted to do may have seemed corny in comparison with what I was trying to do. We are friends and I was just trying to be honest.

I was pretty pleased with my performance for the homework assignment. I had the opportunity to groove and anytime I'm grooving, I'm having a blast. Plus, performing with the other contenders is magical for me. Nothing else exists when music is on, especially music that requires dancing like “We Got the Beat” did.

For the “Party Rock Anthem” music video, when they told me that I would be playing spin the bottle I was like “Oy gevolt, I hope everyone has brushed their teeth adequately." LOL. I'm probably a little obsessive when it comes to that. Then, I was thinking, "Damn straight. You may get to kiss Nellie." And I did!

I was really frustrated when the judges had negative feedback on the music video because I worked really hard, as did everyone else. I was afraid that I would be in the bottom three. All I could do was give my all to whatever dancing I was bold enough to do and hope it was enough. You never know whether it was enough until the moment you go before the judges.

I felt bad for Taryn when she decided to leave The Glee Project and after finding out that Dani would not be called back I felt like my head was going to explode. I sincerely thought that Dani was going through to the end. No one could have predicted that she'd be going so soon. I was stunned and dumbfounded. I love Dani. She and I developed a great connection.

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