Maxfield on TGP 201: I wanted to redeem myself.

When I first walked into the house and met the rest of the contenders it was a big, “Hell yeah man!” I realized quickly that we were all so completely different and knew it was going to be an interesting experience. But I couldn’t wait. I’m not the most theatrical person ever so I knew that would make me stand out from the rest. I am also one of the only country singers in the competition and knew that would be great on Glee.

Before this I had never performed on stage with 13 other people before. I’m used to performing my own songs with my guitar. It was very different than what I was used to but I just thought, “Hey, bring it on!”

When Robert announced that our first homework assignment would be Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” I think my jaw dropped. Until that day I had never heard that song all the way through. That was a fun one…haha. Overall I was happy with my performance. You can’t go wrong performing for someone as pretty as Lea Michelle! I was happy and proud that I stayed true to myself for that performance.

It was a lot of fun working with Zach and Brooke on the choreography for the music video. Except I left my dang dancing boots in the bedroom! I was pretty pissed about that afterwards. I mean, I just wasn’t movin’ like the excellent dancer I know myself to be. But, we all still rocked it.

My recording session with Nikki was another story. Oh man, I was all over the place. I couldn’t figure out how to sing my part on key for the love of America. But the amazing Nikki knows how to get it out of you, and by the end I think it came out pretty cool.

When it was finally time to shoot the music video, I was really ready. I wanted to redeem myself for having such a rough time in the studio the day before. Shooting was a lot of fun. I just don’t think I figured that out until we were on stage and almost finished filming. For some odd reason I just forgot to smile. I was having a ton of fun but you just couldn’t see it on my face, haha. Overall, I feel really good about my performance in the music video.

It was a really rough moment to hear that I was in the bottom three. I had struggled a lot, more than the others. This is a competition so I understood why I was selected.

The mentors chose for me to sing “Always on My Mind,” by Willie Nelson. I love this song but it is a slow tempo ballad. It’s a very touching, emotional, love ballad which I love to write and sing. But for this performance I was really hoping to get something upbeat. I wanted to show the mentors what I got by rocking it out on stage. But I was very pleased with my performance. I don’t think I took my hands off the mic or mic stand the whole time though, which kind of cracks me up, looking back. It was a very emotional song so after finding my connection with the song, I got emotional. Walking up to sing I looked and sounded like a depressed kid who had just had his heart broken, but after it was over I felt confident leaving the stage.

Prior to walking in to the choir room to see if I was called back or not, I took a step back and prayed, “God, if I’m meant to be here, you’ll keep me here. If I’m not, then I’ll accept it and go home knowing that you have something greater planned for me.” It was tough leaving the competition and even tougher leaving the other contenders and mentors. This was an experience I will be forever grateful for and a memory that I will cherish.


Want to know more about how Maxfield felt after getting eliminated? Watch his extended exit interview here.

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