Michael on TGP 201: I feel like I have a slightly different approach to music than some of the other contenders.

When all the contenders were first together, I felt so fortunate to be in a room with such a diverse array of talent and people from all over the country. I was stoked when I heard there would be 14 instead of 12. The more the merrier!

I think that Charlie might be my biggest competition since he and I have a similar aesthetic and he is incredibly talented. But I think that what sets me apart from everyone else is that my focus lies with the guitar more than singing. I feel like I have a slightly different approach to music than some of the other contenders.

There’s a lot that’s intimidating about this competition. I’m the youngest one on the show and I’m going up against some incredible talent who’ve been singing for their entire lives. Oh, and it’s a gigantic TV show televised around the world. No pressure.

I thought it was super funny that our first homework assignment was “Born This Way”, considering I saw my friend Max do a rendition of it wearing a sexy maid’s outfit in our school talent show mere weeks before.

Performing for Lea Michele was an out-of-body experience. It was our first assignment and she’s such a superstar, so I kind of felt like a deer caught in headlights. I think I gave an okay performance though. I hope it was good!

I loved working with Zach and Brooke even though I’m not really a dancer. They kept the energy high and the positivity up while still working us pretty hard. My first one-on-one time in the studio was intense. Singing for Nikki is intimidating enough, but that was my first time recording in a studio and it was on camera! But I still had a lot of fun.

Going into the music video, I felt eager to prove myself and really excited to be on a professional set. I wanted to deliver. I have no idea how I did in the video, but I had a really good time on set, so hopefully that will show on camera.



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