Michael on TGP 203: As I become more comfortable, I can see that my performances are improving.

When I found out it was vulnerability week I was a little bit nervous. This was all really new to me so it was a lot to ask to be so personal on camera. But I was ready to give it my all and commit to it as much as I could.

I was so stoked to see Cory Monteith come in as the guest mentor. He came off as a genuinely good guy, and I really appreciated his constructive criticism.

Being on set for the music video was overall a great experience. When I was being bullied I felt like I really connected to the scene and with Blake. I also had to be the bully in a lot of scenes, which was difficult at times. I really feel like I pushed myself to be the best that I could and gained a lot from the experience. As I become more comfortable in this environment, I can see that my performances are improving. I hope to continue this trend. I’ve learned a lot already, but there’s always room for improvement.

I had no idea that Charlie wasn’t supposed to grab Mario’s cane in his scene. I thought it was excellent direction. I think Charlie just got really wrapped up in the scene and I know he didn’t mean any harm to Mario. I feel like the mentor’s reasons for putting Lily, Mario and Charlie in the bottom three were justified, but at the same time any one of us could have been in the bottom three. None of us are perfect.

When Mario made a comment about how some of us hadn’t hit our notes in the recording studio I wasn’t really fazed. He was right. However, in context I can see how it might seem accusatory.

I was definitely shocked to hear that Mario, Charlie and Lily Mae were all called back. We were all prepared to say goodbye, but instead we got to be happy. It was a reminder that we are not in control of this competition. So they’re not ready to say goodbye? Okay, at least we’ll get more time to hang out with our friends before another one goes home.

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