Michael on TGP 205: I hope to continue this trend of improvement.

Considering had just survived the bottom three, I was really motivated to push myself and do the best that I could this week. It was adaptability week, so I tried to just expect the unexpected and stay on my toes. I was ready for some curveballs.

I like to practice choreography so that it looks polished when I have to perform it. Learning it on the fly made me a little nervous, but I knew that at least everyone would be on a level playing field.

I think I did a much better job in the vocal booth this week in comparison to last week; not knowing what I was going to be singing actually made me pretty relaxed. I had tons of fun this week, and I think that helped the quality of my performance in general. For example, while shooting the music video, I had a really, really good time on set, and I think that transferred to the camera. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job. But there’s always room for improvement.

I was so pleased to be called back for another week. I feel like I worked really hard this week and I think that paid off. I hope to continue this trend of improvement.

I felt bad that there was a bottom six instead of a bottom three, because that’s what everyone expected. However, it did give more people the chance to sing for Ryan Murphy. And the prospect of singing a duet is always exciting!

It’s always hard to see someone go home. I know Mario will go on to do great things. His quips and charm will be missed.

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