Michael on TGP 210: The stakes were high!

When I found out that the theme of the week was Actability, I was really excited that we were finally going to focus just on acting. I knew how important it was to be a triple threat in the competition, so I knew I had to try to prove that I was more than competent in that area. Plus, there was only one week until the finale, and I was up against some pretty stiff competition, so the stakes were high! 

I was so happy to finally be the one who wasn’t in the dark and knew the homework song! Usually I learn what the song is and then hear it for the first time. It was reassuring that I was already comfortable with the song so I could focus my attention on other things than just learning the piece. 

Learning that we were just going to have to try and convey a random emotion on the fly was so exhilarating! I was really happy that they threw such a crazy curveball at us. That’s why I signed up for this! I knew that if even for a second I let myself get scared about the challenge I would do poorly, so I tried instead just to focus on giving it my all and having a good time, which I did.

I was so thrilled to win my first homework assignment. It was about time! I was so used to hearing other people’s names being called as the winner that it took me a second for it to register. I was so happy to have the opportunity to learn from Dianna. Our session was incredible. She really taught me a lot about the importance of preparation for a character and introduced me to the concept of a “toolbox” that I could draw on in scenes. She was very kind and thoughtful and took our time seriously, which I am very appreciative for.

I was really pleased with the character that I got for the video. I feel like I could fit right into it and it sounded a little like I was the hero of the film, so that felt good. I was excited to work with Blake as enemies instead of friends. It was a nice change of pace.

Improvising scenes on the set of the music video was awesome. Erik gave us fantastic direction and I feel like I really connected with my scene partners. The spontaneity helped me keep my energy up and stay on my toes. I felt like I had a lot more responsibility in this video because it was up to me (and a scene partner) as to how the shot would go. I think I responded well to the responsibility and stepped up my performance.

Zach, Nikki, and Robert's final speech to us was heart-warming. It reminded me that no matter what the outcome, I had come a very long way since callbacks, gotten to know some incredible people, and that I learned tons and tons along the way. I knew I would come out on top regardless of whether or not I won.

It made sense that all of us would do a last chance performance for Ryan, but the fact that we had to do it for the writers too was nerve-wracking! Ryan alone  is intimidating enough, but now that I was performing in front of ALL of the writers, I knew that I had to up my game even more.

I felt like I did okay in my last chance performance. I had a quiet, slow, emotional song so I did the best that I could with it, but I can’t help feeling like I could have made more of an impression on the writers with something a little more rock n’ roll, since that’s more my style. It was hard to put myself in a very vulnerable place when there were so many prying eyes in the room.

When I found out Lily and I were going home, I felt totally fine. I went into the choir room at peace with my time on The Glee Project. I was proud of how far I had gotten even though I was ready to do more. I am very proud of Blake, Aylin, and Ali, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that they will do the rest of the contenders justice with the work they put into the finale. I wish them all the best of luck.

I will take away so much from my experience on The Glee Project. I learned more about myself and performing than I ever thought was possible. I have a newfound confidence in my own abilities and will use it to try and further my career in the future. I met incredible people who I am sure I will remain close with for a very long time. It was the experience of a lifetime that I’ll never forget and will treasure always. I’ll miss our absurdly brightly painted house and the people who I lived in it with, but I take comfort in the memories I can take with me.

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