Nellie on TGP 201: Everyone is insanely energetic, and I'm scared that will mean I end up being overlooked.

Walking in the house the first time was incredibly exciting. I remembered so many of the other contenders from callbacks. I had spent a lot of my time there with Aylin, Michael, and Abraham. I remembered Taryn being so shy, and being the first to approach her and introduce myself. Tyler was my dance partner. I remembered some really cool conversations with Ali, Dani, and Lily. Shanna was a part of my practice group. Charlie was one of the first people I met, and who wouldn’t remember Mario? I was excited to get to know everyone even better, including Blake and Maxfield. But then I began to remember the voices of my new competition... Wow. I mean, what did I get myself into? I began to remember the voices and the talent, and realized this was going to be a really tough run. But the feeling I settled on was just honor to be standing among this amazing and talented group of people.

When I saw that there were 14 contenders instead of 12, that was pretty cool. To know that they had such a hard time deciding that they had to add two more contenders? It just proved to me how much it really meant to be a part of this group. And again, how difficult it was going to be.

I think my biggest competition at this point is Aylin.  I admire her confidence, and I think her voice is amazing. We have a similar style though, when it comes to singing. And that could prove detrimental.

I have learned through the process that my voice really IS different, which is never something I had noticed before. I grew up listening to oldies, and grew up singing swing. I never got into pop, and always found myself singing along to alternative rock. I spend a lot of my time writing, and I think that allows me to explore my voice in a very different way. As a result of all of these things, I just sound and sing a little different.

As far as weaknesses go, I'm definitely most worried about the dancing, and just my overall sense of introversion. I get along really well with everyone so far, but everyone is insanely energetic, and I'm scared that will mean I end up being overlooked. I will definitely have to push myself out of my comfort zone in this competition.

As soon as we learned the theme for the first homework assignment, and that the artist of the song was a leading example of Individuality, I had a feeling we were going Lady Gaga. I thought it fit the theme perfectly, but I was unsure at first of how my voice would fit the song. And then, after coming up with our choreography and practicing a million times over, I think we all lost our minds a little when Lea Michelle walked in the door. It was one of those moments where you're just too overwhelmed. But we had to move right along with no time to even get used to the idea that we were about to sing and dance to one of the biggest stars on GLEE. We all had to just kind of shake off our nerves and do what we could to show our individuality. It was something I struggled with when we were practicing. How do you show how you're different with only one little line in a song? I ended up keeping it together and doing just fine, but I don't think I stood out in any particular way.

Working on the choreography was a lot less traumatizing then I thought it was going to be. Zach, Brooke, and even my fellow contenders were all really helpful. I just had to forget about being self-conscious, and eventually I didn't have to remember to forget. Slowly but surely, I was feeling really comfortable with myself around this group of people.

I was insanely nervous going into the booth at the studio for the first time. I had never been in a studio, and I'm always weird about singing in front of an intimate group of people. And to be honest Nikki scared me a little at first hahaha. She can be intimidating, but I learned very quickly that she's incredibly kind and very, very good at what she does.

Going into the music video I was pretty nervous, too. Again, this was something I had no experience with, and also something that is so essential in the competition. But once I got on set, Erik White immediately put us all at ease. He was a blast to work with. It was still a little odd at first, but I think my favorite moment the whole day and really the whole week was when we finally got to all work together on the video. It felt amazing to feel all the work we put in throughout the week coming together. The choreography, the track, it all just clicked. We finally felt like a unit. Like our own little Glee Club.


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