Shanna on TGP 204: I wanted to get this week over with as quickly as possible.

When I found out the theme of the week was Sexuality, I was not excited.  I wanted to get this week over with as quickly as possible and hopefully come out alive. But Naya was the perfect choice as a guest mentor this week- she exudes sexuality without even trying. I think confidence is what makes a performer sexy. I think confidence is key; everything else will follow.

I was pretty confident in my personal ability to be sexy during the video. My sexy is different from everyone else! I love smiling and being happy, that is where I am most comfortable and confident. After Zach gave me his notes, I feel like I performed at the level he expected me to perform. I changed my approach and decided to be more grounded versus moving around and bouncing around too much.

At the end of the day, I was pleased in my performance in the music video, but I was not pleased with my performance for the week as a whole. I could have done better but I over thought everything.

I am going to miss Tyler's laugh. I am so sad to see Tyler leave us. His presence is so uplifting without even trying.

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