Shanna on TGP 206: This week had the potential to be even crazier than last.

When I found out that the week’s theme was Fearlessness, I had no idea what to expect! I mean, Adaptability was crazy and unpredictable, but I truly thought this week had the potential of being even crazier and having even more twists.

I had NEVER heard the homework assignment song before. When I listened to it, I thought we were going to go all out on this and be completely comedic. I knew that if we all fully committed that it could be amazing! I was intimidated at moments to perform for Jane Lynch, but at other times I knew I needed to just be myself and she would connect to me.

Jane Lynch is the most amazing person when you meet her. She is a genius. Also, she is extremely tall… and I must say I am proud that her wife is from Alabama!

I was STOKED when I found out we would be shooting the music video in the pool! I used to swim, so this week’s music video could not be more up my alley!

My first slushie in the face was from Aylin and I truly felt like I was being bitch slapped by an ice berg… not to mention the slushie went all the way to the back of my throat and up my nose. Every time we were slushied I was in extreme pain, but seeing Ali and how the slushie affected her pushed me through the pain of it all. Ali is one of my close friends and when I saw that this video shoot was pushing her in an unhealthy direction I was worried. All I could think about was getting her warm and helping her breathe. I would have given her all of my air in those moments if I could. It was hard to be on the pool deck, without a doubt.

But in the end, after we were all warm and OK, I was very happy with performance! I had the most fun on this shoot!

I think Charlie had to learn the hard way of how to act on set. He will go far, though, his talent is too immense for him not to. I definitely missed him when he left. He is such a great person and contender.

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