Shanna on the TGP 201: I was scared I wouldnt be enough.

My first impressions of the other contenders were nothing but positive. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces from LA callbacks. But I was honestly bummed when I found out there were two extra contenders. Now I have to compete against 13 people instead of 11? Lame.

I think me being a competitive person is going to give me the edge in this competition. I am very strategic. Coming in to the competition, I wanted to sit back and observe everyone’s strengthens and weaknesses. Also, I am confident with who I am, sharing my story, singing, acting, and taking direction as a dancer. I knew that as long as I stayed focused, I would stand out. That being said, I think Abraham is my biggest competition. His vocals are amazing, he dances like a true dancer, and he has that unexplainable ‘it factor’.

Finding out our first homework assignment would be Born This Way excited me! I felt like I was really in the competition and was ready to compete by being myself. When I saw Lea Michelle walk into our choir room all that was going through my head was, “I must prove to her that I can be on GLEE right beside her.” I wanted to show her and Ryan that I was good enough to walk onto the set of GLEE that day. I knew I had to knock this homework assignment out of the ballpark, and I guess I did! I was floored when I won. I wasn’t even focused on winning. I was only focused on proving myself to Lea, Ryan and Robert.

My one-on-one session with Lea was amazing. She was so sweet and inspiring. I found out that we are extremely similar vocalists and that gave me a lot of confidence. The best advice she gave me, was to not show everyone how good I am. I decided to take her advice and run with it.

Working with Zach and Brooke for the first time was scary. I am not a dancer. I take direction well, but I was so scared being the homework winner I would get in trouble for not being good. I just wanted to make everyone proud and by doing my best and hope that it is enough.

My first one-on-one session with Nikki was amazing. She was so positive and helpful. After working with Lea, I was super pumped to work with Nikki. I felt like we would connect because I like to work fast and be efficient. Again, I only wanted to make her proud. And my gosh it’s Nikki Anders from Avalon! I had to keep the star struck gazing to a minimum.

I was really intimidated before shooting the music video. Having the mentors only a matter of feet away from you while performing is nerve racking. Also, all I wanted to do was impress them, but I had no idea what they were looking for. I was scared I wouldn’t be enough. For the first time in this competition all of the mentors were together in one room watching us. I wanted to make them proud, but I didn’t know how.

In the end, I won and it was the cherry on top of the most amazing ice cream sundae this southern girl could ask for. I came into this competition wanting to get on GLEE, but I didn’t know how I would do that. Now, I am confident in my talents. I feel like everyone believes in me and supports me, and I am ready to truck on through this competition and give it my all!



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