Taryn on TGP 201: I'm gonna be myself no matter what.

My first impressions of the contenders was, "Wow, none of us can compare to each other, this is gonna be good and challenging!"

Honestly, I think everyone is equally a big competition because we're all so different. I more so feel like I really need to focus and stay out of the way of my own self and let it all take place naturally.

I feel like I bring fresh slate by not ever being a part of anything such as The Glee Project or any type of casting. I'm gonna be myself no matter what, and I'm bringing my fight and my story along.

The only thing that intimidated me about the competition was not being in control of my own fate. I'll always be my biggest critic naturally, but now I have to take in the critiques of others, so I'll always be trying to perfect everything I do.

When I found out there would be 14 contenders instead of 12, I thought it's gonna be harder but I was also glad because two extra people got a chance to be on the show, which is really neat and a blessing!

My reaction to “Born This Way” being the homework assignment was that it was very fitting for our bundle. It's a really hype and popular song so I was happy!

When I found out I'd be performing for Lea Michelle I was really excited; she's very talented so we all wanna do well as well as meet her and sing for her!

Working with Zach and Brooke for the music video was fun! They both can really dance so I know we're gonna get some nice moves. But also, since they're so good, I wanted to do my best.

My one-on-one session with Nikki was nice. She's great. I never worked with her, obviously, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I just knew I loved being in the studio and I wanted to do well and get feedback too.

I felt excited about shooting the music video. I'm very into seeing how things like videos come together when finished, and I was nervous because I get camera shy, but I love performing so it's a compromise I'll be glad to make!

I'm a perfectionist so I'm never 100% satisfied with myself. I feel like I can always do better. But for me being so new to music videos I felt like I did well!

I don't feel like being homesick affected my performance at all. Even when I'm not home, I just picture my loved ones being there watching. If anything affected me, it was more so nerves, as I said in my mind, I can always do better. I like perfection and sometimes wanting to do things perfect creates nerves. Something like that can catch you in a bad way when you're performing. Some nerves make a great show, other nerves steal the show from you.


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