Taryn on the TGP Casting Special: I'm truly the biggest underdog.

I knew I wanted to become a performer all of my life. I never wanted to be anything else. After the first season of The Glee Project, I fell in love with the whole concept and knew I wanted to audition. I love the positive concept of both The Glee Project and GLEE. I knew I could fit in with the “be yourself” message they send. The Glee Project gave me a chance to see if I truly had what it took to be successful. It was a chance to inspire others and make my dreams a reality.

I first auditioned for Robert with "You and I" by Lady Gaga. I chose this song because I love the lyrics, specifically the bridge of the song. I knew I could really knock it up a few keys and put my Motown Taryn twist on it! Robert’s feedback was great. He really liked my voice. He found it unique! What a blessing!

It was really cool to meet people at the auditions with the same talent and the same dreams. I'm naturally quite shy at times so for me it was an opening experience. I think what makes me different from the other contenders is my unique vocals. Of course, all the contenders are wonderful in their own ways too. Also, I'm truly the biggest underdog. The only credit I give for my talent is God and I. I taught myself everything with music. I've never done anything even remotely big as The Glee Project.

When Robert called me and told me I'd be starring on The Glee Project, I felt like I was in a dream. I cried so hard. I was taken aback and I knew that God sent that gift to me through Robert. It was something I'll never forget.

I hope to inspire others through the show by love and I hope people feel good about being who they are. Also, I hope that I inspire those who struggle to never be ashamed What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You can make any bad situation a great one. Struggle or not, I've had a great life so far!

If I win The Glee Project I always say I'd want my GLEE character to have a major struggle in her background that she uses as a wall she's built up, but always has music to bring that wall down. That or I'd love to play some silly random hall monitor or janitor that no one pays attention to, but who has this secret obsession with the Glee Club. Every time the halls clear she's performing and hoarding items from the Gleeks! Basically a talented creep!

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