Tyler on TGP 202: This video shoot was incredibly nerve-wracking.

I was really upset that Taryn left. I love her. She's so awesome and hilarious and fun to be around. The house will definitely lose some spark and spunk without her.

When Robert announced the theme as "Dance-Ability," I just thought, "Seriously?! I was JUST in the bottom three because I couldn't relax while dancing and now the theme is Dance-Ability?! Ahhhhh, please let me survive this week!"

When Samuel came in as our guest mentor, he looked so awesome and I really enjoyed his laid-back vibe. It was nice to listen to the feedback of someone who was sitting exactly where we were not too long ago!

I was very pleased with my homework assignment performance. I was very proud of myself for getting all of the choreography right and for being positive and excited about it. "We Got the Beat" was such a fun group number.

First of all: why was I not included in spin the bottle? How rude. Anyway, this video shoot was incredibly nerve-wracking. We had to choreograph our own 8-count for the video, but once we got to set, Erik told us that we would have to do 3-4 DIFFERENT 8 counts each. That was the first terrifying moment of the day.

The second terrifying moment of the video shoot was obviously doing Zach's choreography, which was incredibly fast and involved all limbs doing different things and pretty much just flailing everywhere. There was a lot of rotating between groups and solo dances. If you weren't paying attention, you'd miss your mark, and the entire dance would be off. Not just for one group, but for every group afterward. It was an incredible challenge for me to lip sync to this song while dancing. My body was moving at a much faster speed than the lyrics.

The mentors were not happy with it. And I was sad to disappoint them. You never want to hear your parents talk about how disappointed in you they are; it's very similar with the mentors. I never want to let them down.

When Zach initially said that he'd be picking one person from 3 out of 4 groups to be in the bottom 3, I was pretty sure I'd be the one person to go from my group. I was paired with Shanna and Ali, who are both great dancers and performers. I couldn't imagine either of them being in the bottom 3 so early on, so I wasn't really surprised to be performing for Ryan once again.

I absolutely love Elton John and the song "Daniel." I was so incredibly happy when the mentors told me I'd be performing it for Ryan! It was the perfect song choice and I was very happy with my performance. I already knew "Daniel" very well before performing it for Ryan, so I wasn't nervous about forgetting the lyrics or melody. I felt much more in my element than I did the week before with the-song-that-shall-not-be-named.

I was so incredibly happy with Ryan's positive feedback; I don't even know if I can express it. All I wanted to do was show him what I was capable of and make last week's comments completely irrelevant. I wanted to improve so badly and was elated when he felt that I did by 3000%.  

I was not surprised that Dani wasn't called back. Not based on her talent (she's amazing) but because my intuition is weird about that kind of stuff. I just "knew.”

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