The Next Big Thing 104 Recap: Stage Mommy Dearest

By Oxygen

The episode begins when Trapper calls Tracy into his office to discuss an upcoming workshop that he needs her help with. Trapper holds a workshop for his clients every time the Broadway show, Mary Poppins, starts auditioning for a new cast. This year, however, he is too swamped to run it himself. Trapper asks Tracy to lead it in his place… sort of. He actually asks her to lead it alongside Cat, his thirteen year old client. Tracy is super insulted because she doesn't want to be taking orders from a kid!

Later that day, Trapper hosts his semi-annual "mommy lunch." Trapper meets with his clients' mothers (in a non-competitive environment!) at least twice a year to make sure he is on the same page with all of them. Usually, the mothers are able to control themselves and not talk about their kids. This week, however, two of the more controlling mommies got a little carried away! Almost as soon as the group sits down, Alexis' mom asks Trapper if Alexis can schedule a one-on-one session with him for the following week. Then, Sam's mom speaks up and mentions that she is not thrilled with the idea of Sam moving into the city. This was supposed to be an off-topic lunch! Typical stage moms…

That night, Alexis goes to visit Rachel. While their moms chat in the other room, Alexis admits to Rachel that her mom is putting her a little on edge. Alexis is only sixteen, and her mother is putting a lot of pressure on her! Poor Alexis. Hopefully something will be worked out, soon!

For the meantime, Trapper has another client to worry about. He meets with Sam and her parents for dinner, and the four of them discuss the possibility of Sam moving to the city. Sam's mom does NOT want that to happen. Trapper and Sam's parents speak for a long time, but in the end, Trapper persuades them. Sam and Trapper are both thrilled! This could be the step that really allows Sam to succeed as a performer.

Trapper meets with Tracy and asks her to help Sam go apartment hunting. Tracy, once again, is stuck babysitting! She is really frustrated that Trapper isn't giving her more creative projects, but as Trapper points out, she IS his assistant.

Sam and Tracy go apartment hunting. Sam meets with a real estate agent, who is shocked at the “ambition” of Sam's apartment quest. Sam doesn't seem to realize how expensive it is to live in the city! As Tracy and the real estate agent explain to Sam the expenses she will be paying if she chooses to live on her own, Sam starts to have second thoughts.

Time for Alexis' one-on-one with Trapper, per request of Alexis' mom! Alexis tells Trapper that she hasn't been booking much, and Trapper asks her why she thinks that is. Alexis tells Trapper that her mom has been extremely overbearing recently, and that she just can't deal with her anymore! Trapper has a talk with Alexis' mom alone, and she promises to stop being so hard on Alexis. Alexis rejoins the two of them, and they all hug. Aw!

While apartment hunting, Sam and Tracy are taken to a space that Sam can afford. It’s a small studio on the fourth floor of a walk up with no bathroom or kitchen. But hey, at least it's only $1200 a month! But Sam is NOT prepared to live in such a tiny apartment. Tracy is surprised that Sam has been so sheltered that she didn't even realize how expensive it is to live in New York City! After looking at a second place, Sam calls it quits and tells Tracy that she doesn't want to move to New York City anymore. Uh oh, how will she break this to Trapper?

Later, Trapper has lunch with his mom, his sister, his brother-in-law, and his nephew. He has a good time catching up with his family, and at the end of the meal, asks his sister a very "New York" question: how would she feel about taking head shots for her baby son? She loves the idea. Yep, she's definitely related to Trapper!

Back at the studio, Tracy and Cat work with Trapper's younger clients to prepare them for their Mary Poppins auditions. Cat has a lot of fun, but Tracy is extremely annoyed that Cat is running the whole workshop. Unfortunately, Trapper put Cat in charge, and even Tracy has to admit that Cat knows what she's doing! Will the workshop lead to any roles for the younger clients?

Sam works with Trapper and an up-and-coming music producer on her first single. She sounds great, and everyone is having a good time. That is, until Sam tells Trapper that she is no longer planning to move into the city. Trapper is NOT happy with her! Is she joking? Trapper put so much work into convincing her parents to let her move! Sam says it's just not possible at the moment, but Trapper tells her that he MADE it possible for her. Sam says she doesn't want to live in New York City if it means she's going to be struggling, and Trapper tells her she's going to have to suck it up if she wants to make it in the show business world.

Trapper takes a break from his client drama to take his nephew to get head shots taken in the park, and he is really such a cute baby! While in the park, Trapper goes to meet some of the younger clients who attended Cat and Tracy's workshop. They have some news for him: they got callbacks! Trapper is thrilled.

Alexis has some good news for Trapper, too. Ever since he had his talk with her mom, she's been totally laid back! Alexis even gets to go to her auditions alone from now on. How awesome!

Later, busy Trapper meets with Sam for lunch. He's honest with her: if she doesn't start being more proactive with her career, he's going to have to drop her as a client.

Will Sam get her act together, or will her talent go to waste? Will Alexis finally start booking some gigs now that her mom is off her back? Find out next week on a SO new episode of The Next Big Thing!

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