The Next Big Thing: NY 102 Recap: Trapper Nose Best

By Oxygen

Missed the second episode of The Next Big Thing: NY? Get caught up here with our recap of “Trapper Nose Best!”

The episode opens with Trapper in his office, whispering and giggling into his phone. Baby T and Tracy are, naturally, super curious. Who could Trapper be talking to? After a bit of interrogation they find out that Trapper has a new boyfriend that he has been hiding! Baby T and Tracy insist that they join Trapper and his new man for dinner, and refuse to back down when Trapper protests. Eventually Trapper gives in to them.

Trapper leaves his office to go meet up with an old client of his, Gina. Three months ago, Trapper told Gina that if she wanted to be in the entertainment business, she was going to need a nose job. So, at seventeen, she got one! Trapper, Gina, and Gina’s mom visit her plastic surgeon to see how her nose is healing. Gina is told that there’s a possibility her singing voice will have been altered by the surgery. This was a risk Trapper was willing to take, but one that made Gina nervous. Trapper takes Gina and her mom back to his studio to test out her voice for the first time since her surgery, and, after a few tries, Gina discovers that her old voice is back! Everyone is thrilled because this could mean great things for Gina’s future!

Later that day, Trapper, Tracy, and big-time music producer, Tim Convy, go to a coffee shop to watch Cat and her little brother perform. Tim previously expressed interest in Cat’s growing career when he saw her sing at the Apollo, but he really wants to see how she is on her own. Of course, as always, Cat blows everyone away with her phenomenal and sophisticated singing and songwriting skills. After the show, Cat speaks with Tim who tells her that she did an outstanding job! Later, however, he admits to Trapper that Cat is too young of a client for him to work with, and that he would just not be in his element if he decided to work with her. Trapper thinks on his feet and tells Tim that Cat is in a band with her older sisters, and that he could possibly work with them as a group. This isn’t exactly true but Trapper doesn’t want to let the opportunity pass. Tim is unsure, but he decides to trust Trapper. Now all Trapper has to do is convince the Missal sisters…

Speaking of girl groups… the next day, Trapper, Baby T, Alexis, and Alexis’ mom travel to Long Island to watch Rachel and her friends perform. Trapper is shocked when he watches them sing- and not in a good way. The girls are unable to walk in their super-high-heels, and their choreography is way too rehearsed. Basically, the girls need A LOT of work! Trapper, of course, does not hesitate to tell them this. Hey, if they really think they can be the next Destiny’s Child, they’re going to need to take his advice!

That night, Trapper and his boyfriend sit down for a romantic dinner for two… plus two, since Baby T and Tracy maneuvered their way into their plans. Trapper warns his boyfriend that Baby T and Tracy can be a lot to handle-and that’s coming from Trapper Felides! When Baby T and Tracy arrive at the restaurant, they immediately begin interrogating Trapper’s boyfriend! As the questions fire, Trapper makes a comment about how “everyone cheats.” This causes an awkward moment between Trapper and his boyfriend! Tracy leaves the table and Baby T is left alone to third wheel. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Gina and her mom travel to Pittsburgh and prepare for Gina’s first college audition. The program she is applying to is extremely competitive. Gina hopes that she won’t get too nervous and forget her lyrics! When she enters the audition room, everything starts off well. However, at the very end of her performance, Gina lets her nerves get the best of her and she stumbles on the words to her song! Still, she sounded great, so hopefully the judges will look past her one tiny mistake!

Back in New York, Trapper calls Cat and her mother into his office to discuss his girl group idea. At first, Cat isn’t interested. Her mother doesn’t think that with her crazy schedule she and her sisters would find time to rehearse However, with a little bit of convincing from Trapper, Cat agrees to ask her sisters to sing in a group with her.

At Rachel’s house, Rachel’s mom tells Trapper her newest idea: she wants Rachel’s girl group to perform at Rachel’s big birthday party! Trapper is NOT happy with this plan. Rachel and her friends need A LOT of work if they are going to perform in front of all of Rachel’s friends! However, Trapper reluctantly agrees to help because he knows that pleasing stage moms is an important part of his job.

A few weeks later, Trapper meets with Gina who has some big news. She auditioned for eleven of the top performance programs in the country, and she was accepted into eight of them! Naturally, Trapper credits her success to his guidance.

Later in the studio, Cat and her sisters perform for Trapper for the first time. As expected, they sound AMAZING together! Trapper is so moved by their beautiful performance, he stops playing piano to “take a moment.”

Cat’s group certainly has an effect on Trapper, but will their talent impress Tim Convy enough for him to want to work with them? And will Trapper be able to help Rachel’s girl group improve in time for their big performance? Tune in next week!

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