The Next Big Thing NY 105 Recap: Its a Hard Knock Life for Trapper

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Missed the Episode 5 of The Next Big Thing? Get caught up here with our recap ofIt’s a Hard Knock Life for Trapper!

Trapper has an exciting announcement for Tracy and Baby T: Annie is coming back to Broadway! Annie has the possibility to be the big break up-and-coming stars need, so Trapper wants to REALLY make sure his clients are prepared for the audition. Trapper tells Tracy and Baby T that he will be putting on a workshop for the kids, and he needs their help! However, when Tracy offers a suggestion for the workshop, to have the kids panhandle so that they get a glimpse of what it’s like being poor, Trapper laughs at her. Tracy is NOT happy; she has the talent to help, Trapper!

RJ, one of Trapper's clients, gets ready for an audition. He has started going through puberty, which is a temporary audition-killer for singers. Though he works hard to control his voice, he ends up cracking in front of a panel of casting directors. RJ is really upset and feels very insecure.

Trapper's younger clients arrive at Trapper's studio for the Annie workshop. They’re all so excited!  They begin to work on their songs and sound great. Trapper tells them to go get the rags they brought- he listened to Tracy's idea after all! The kids split up into two teams and compete to see who can collect the most money. They manage to earn over $20, even though the “rags” they dressed in were actually all designer clothes. They must all be great actors!

Trapper meets one-on-one with Rachel. He tells her that it’s imperative to her career that she drops the girl group. She initially resists because the girl group is composed of her best friends, but after some convincing from Trapper, she realizes that leaving the group is the right thing to do. Rachel is going solo again!

It’s now the second day of the workshop and Tracy has a favor to ask Baby T. She has an audition right in the middle of the workshop and she needs him to cover for her! Baby T agrees, but he knows that Trapper is going to be really angry.

When the kids arrive at the workshop, Trapper tells them that they all need to showcase a special talent that will “wow” the casting directors. The kids start doing flips all around the studio- they are a bit all over the place! Everything is going well, though, so Tracy takes the opportunity to sneak out. Trapper doesn’t notice that she’s gone… that is, until Kevin, one of Trapper's older clients and the one who was supposed to be teaching alongside Tracy, has to leave! Trapper is extremely angry that TWO of his workshop teachers bailed on him. But at the end of the workshop, the kids show what they’ve been working on to a panel of casting directors and the panel is very impressed. Trapper's mood lifts slightly, but not much.

After the kids go home, Baby T approaches Trapper. Baby T tells Trapper that he doesn’t respect Tracy or him. Trapper gets really upset; it was a stressful day and it is NOT the time to tell him this! Baby T and Trapper end up getting into a fight, and Baby T ends up resigning. Oh no, what will Trapper do without Baby T?

Isabella meets with Trapper. Trapper tells her that he doesn’t think the role of Annie is right for her, BUT, he has another plan! He wants her to audition for Evita! Isabella is initially disappointed because she had her heart set on Annie, but she eventually agrees that Evita would be a fun show to be in. She decides to audition.

When Tracy returns to Trapper's office the next day, she knows she’s in trouble. But Trapper is surprisingly understanding! He apologizes for not respecting her dreams of being an actress and promises that from now on, she is allowed to go to auditions during work if she tells him ahead of time. Trapper also asks Tracy if she could help him convince Baby T to come back to work. Wow, this is a whole new side of Trapper we’ve never seen!

At the end of the episode, Isabella and her mom set up a meeting with Trapper. They have some big news- Isabella booked a role in Evita! Isabella is thrilled, and so is Trapper!

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