The Next Big Thing NY 106 Recap: Nobody Puts Baby T in a Corner

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Last episode, Trapper really upset Baby T and Baby T decided he had finally had enough and he quit! Trapper knew he had been wrong to say the things he said, and he asked for Tracy’s help getting Baby T back. Tracy suggested that they all have lunch together and that Trapper apologize to Baby T to his face.

At lunch, things are tense. Baby T is still very angry at Trapper for being such a jerk to him! Trapper tells Baby T that he’s sorry, and that he didn’t realize how unhappy Baby T had been at work. Trapper offers him a deal- if Baby T agrees to be Trapper's producer again, Trapper will put Baby T COMPLETELY in charge of an important charity event that Trapper is putting together! Baby T agrees. The team is back together!

While Baby T begins to look for a venue, Trapper and Tracy go to the set of Rachel's music video. Right off the bat, Trapper doesn’t like the music director. Trapper takes over- shocker! He does a really good job, though, and the video looks like it will be a good one. Tracy even makes a cameo… as a homeless woman. Hey, a role is a role!

But Tracy isn’t happy being an actress in a teenager’s music video. She meets with a new manager who tells her that her job as Trapper's assistant is taking up too much of her time. She needs to really focus on her acting career if she wants to make it big!

Baby T runs into some problems while searching for the charity event venue. Turns out the place he had in mind is under construction, and every other site he knows of is booked! When Trapper calls him and Tracy to ask how the production aspect of the event is going, Baby T lies and says that he already has a location and sound check times. When Baby T hangs up the phone, completely panicked, Tracy says she has one location in mind that might work. She calls them, and they have an opening! At 10pm. Oh well, they’re desperate!

Meanwhile, RJ meets with Trapper. RJ has been extremely self-conscious about his voice lately because he is going through puberty. But Trapper has a surprise for him! Trapper had one of his older clients compose a song JUST for RJ and his changing voice! RJ rehearses it and sounds really good. Trapper asks him to sing it at the charity event, and RJ nervously agrees.

Meanwhile, Tracy auditions for a big role. She is a little nervous to perform in front of the casting directors, but with the new support of Trapper, she knows everything will work out for the best. She begins to sing and the panel CLEARLY loves her! She gets a call later that day that she booked the gig- she will be playing Mrs. Cohen in RENT! Tracy is thrilled, but realizes that this means she will have to leave her job as Trapper's assistant.

It is the night of the big charity event, and everyone is EXTREMELY stressed out. Trapper doesn’t think the kids sound their best. Baby T is worried that something will go wrong and Trapper will never trust him again. Tracy doesn’t know how to break the news to Trapper that she is leaving. RJ is afraid that his voice will crack, and the Missal sisters are nervous because Tim Convy, a big-time music producer, is in the audience watching them.

But there’s no time to fret. The guests are here and the show must go on! Or, in this case, start! Tracy and Baby T introduce the show and RJ is the first to sing. He powers through his nerves and he sounds amazing! He gets a huge round of applause, and he leaves the stage with a big smile on his face. Good job, RJ! Tracy sings next, and it’s no wonder that she booked the role in RENT- she sounds fantastic! When the Missal sisters get up on stage, the crowd goes silent. Cat begins to sing and everyone is in awe! All of the sisters are SO talented!

After the show, Tim Convy approaches the sisters. He offers them a recording contract! Wow! Congratulations, girls! RJ is very happy that his song went well, and so are his parents. Baby T gets emails from a bunch of the audience members asking him about Trapper's clients. All in all, it was an amazingly successful show!

After everyone leaves, Baby T, Tracy, and Trapper are left alone in the venue. Trapper hugs Tracy and Baby T and tells them they did a great job. Tracy begins to tear up- she has some news for Trapper. She tells him about the role that she booked, and that, unfortunately, she has to stop working for him. Trapper begins to cry and hugs Tracy. He doesn’t want her to leave, but he’s SO proud of her! He knows she is just at the beginning of her soon-to-be super successful performance career.

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