12 Hours With The Prancing Elites

By Matt Muro


The Prancing Elites have come a long way from their hometown of Mobile, Alabama. The dance crew is on their first-ever press tour in New York City, where they (almost certainly) won’t have discriminatory slurs lobbed at them on the regular. What they will have is the opportunity to shoot an PSA promoting equality, pose for an Out magazine spread, do a promo for the USA Network, shoot a music video with YouTube stars - and, of course, J-Set all over Manhattan. 

Witness 12 hours with The Prancing Elites! 


It's 10am at the Hilton in midtown Manhattan, and we're not in your average tourist hotel room. We’re in a room belonging to The Prancing Elites, the troupe that includes Adrian ClemonsKentrell CollinsKareem DavisJerel Maddox and Timothy SmithPom-poms are strewn about the floor. A pair of six-inch stilettos scream Timothy's name from the top of a table. Beyonce is playing in the backdrop. The group munches on breakfast from room service while talking with their glam squad about NeNe LeakesWendy Williams and Michelle Obama’s hair on jeopardy (“she’s usually so on point!” sighs an Elite).  It may be the first-ever press tour for The Elites, but they are calm and collected. It's like they were built for this moment. Ready to seize their day.

At noon, we head to a media lunch near Rockefeller Center. The crew struts into the plaza looking... 

After answering questions at a press lunch, The Elites flee into the street and entertain themselves (and all the working stiffs who happen to be on their lunch breaks). 

At 2:30pm, we roll up to Central Park and Columbus Circle in...  

The Elites bust some spontaneous J-Setting moves - just for kicks. Here's a little sumthin' sumthin' our crack video team Emily Spada and Gabi Mayers produced for posterity.  


 En route to Central Park's Belvedere Castle, The Elites teach us:

We also get a little Abbey Road while stomping around Central Park West: 

And then we land in Columbus Circle, where The Elites show all of New York how to whip their hair back and forth.

And they invent a brand new dance move!

The next day at 2pm, we head to a photoshoot for OUT Magazine in Chelsea. We'd love to post pictures of the shoot here, but the spread won't come out until May -- and we can't spoil. The best we can do is give you a sneak peek of the (holy-looking?) location: 

A few hours later, we're at a studio in the West Village. The Prancing Elites shoot a PSA promoting equality, something close to their hearts. We have some down time before The Elites start practicing for their video shoot with YouTube stars Sam Tsui and LohanthonyWhy not play the pop culture guessing game Heads Up! with the Oxygen press team?


Catch the highlight of the game? If not:

There's also time to sign some autographs:

And we learn...

It's nearly 9PM now and time to practice for that music video:

Here's the end result:

Thanks for following along. Now, for your bonus prize...


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