The Prancing Elites Ep. 2 GIFcap: Prance 2 the Beat


The second episode of The Prancing Elites kicks off with the crew prancing — literally — into their booking agent’s office for a meeting. Let’s pause here. Because there's an important lesson to be learned for business managers around the globe:

Then it's time to switch it up. 

Where were we? Oh yes, the subject of the meeting! The Prancing Elites tell their agent they've decided to put on their own dance competition called "Prance 2 the Beat." This will be an historic event — the very first male vs. female j-setting competition the world has ever seen. That’s right, ya’ll. While the country’s top court is on the verge of updating the institution of marriage in every state of our nation to be inclusive of gays, The Elites have had to take matters into their own hands in Alabama to allow men and women to basically dance together. “We aren’t allowed to compete in these competitions against the females,” explains Kentrell. “We weren’t allowed to be on dance teams in high school.” 

Skip to the rehearsal studio. There are important matters to discuss. Chief among them, their costume for the big event. When Kentrell announces he’s already started to design them, the rest of the crew look close to mutiny. “We should ALL have input on our outfits,” says Tim in her sweet manner. “Not just Kentrell.” As for Jerel, he ever-so-subtly shows his displeasure on his face.

Kentrell reveals his costume, which will almost definitely "go viral." 

But Adrian’s not so keen on the outfit, and he puts on his fashion critic hat. “It’s colors that are just splashed all over the place,” he explains. “Which is something that a magician would do to say…”

We don't know what this means. 

The mood turns from silly to serious when Adrian gets lunch with his mom. "This competition is really big," he says to his mom, practically begging her to come. "It’s the first competition we’re hosting." 

His mom, who says she has to work, responds: "Ya'll going to take pictures, right?" 

Adrian explains to the camera that his mom attended his sister's marching band games, his older brother's basketball games and his little brother’s football games - but she's never attended one of his dance performances. "This style of dancing is something a woman does," Adrian tells his mom. "And I feel like it's not taken seriously when I tell you about because I'm doing it." 

He is brought to tears.

More seriousness befalls The Elites when Kareem gets too sick after the warm-up dance at "Prance 2 the Beat" to dance in the final number. "We know you’re not dancing," says Kentrell. "We're going to do it for you, though." Kareem, the tough guy of the bunch, responds like this:

The event is a HUGE success. The women (and men!) twirl, high kick, gyrate and more.

 The crowd roars and The Elites (minus Kareem, sniff sniff) do a final dance.

Then take their bow. 







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