Allison on Episode 3: Vegas Virgin

I always wanted a tattoo but wanted it to really mean something to me. My dad recently passed away and it was his birthday while we were filming in Vegas, so I decided to get a tattoo to remember him by. My tattoo says, "Let It Be" because of the Beatles’ song, and they’re my favorite band. Sometimes we don't know why sad things happen in life and we don't have an answer for them, but like the song lyrics say..."For though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they will see / There will be an answer, let it be."

While in Vegas, Paris wanted to go skydiving. I opted out of it because I have a fear of heights and, of course, because I didn't want to get injured. When we got to the skydiving place they showed us an old video of an ambulance driving around on the field and explained to us that we could die. I think that was definitely a good enough reason to pass. In other words I was scared as s**t. Haha

See more pictures from our time in Vegas here.

You’re probably all wondering about my fight with Lexie. Oh Lexie, where do I even start? I’ve kept a close eye on Lexie from day one. Paris and I trust very few people in our lives, so when she has someone new working for her, I want to make sure that person is the right fit. As soon as I heard that Lexie writes porn, I was sure it wasn't going to work out. Porn definitely isn’t a good look for Paris. Besides, Lexie really isn't a very good assistant. Paris complains about her sometimes. On top of that, when she comes out with us, she gets drunk and is not able to work. But when she disrespected me and told me to "shut up," that was it for me. Truthfully, she has been getting on all of our nerves; I was just the only one to speak up. The elevator scene was all real. We got in, and the elevator dropped down really fast and then we just got stuck there for a long time. Lexie was so drunk, and I just couldn't take her anymore. Yes, I did get a lil’ mean, and I felt bad about it later, but I was drunk myself and unfortunately, "shut the f**k up" is what came out of my mouth about 100 times haha. It didn't bother me one bit when the girls sided with Lexie. I think that in time they will see what I saw and realize that she isn't a good assistant for Paris. I think Lexie is a very sweet girl, just not the right girl to be working as Paris' assistant.

See what Lexie had to say about the fight here.

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