Paris Hilton: A Girl's Best Friend

Paris Hilton lives a glamorous and exciting life, but underneath it all, it looks like our girl Paris just wants to be a good friend. Over the past few weeks, she’s made headlines for her relationship with a few of her famous girlfriends.

It seems like the hatchet may finally be buried between Paris and Kim Kardashian. E! Online reported that both girls were at a party for the Grammy Awards recently and talked to each other for the first time in months. Though it’s unclear if the two will go back to being besties, Paris seem to be taking her 30th birthday as a time to move on with her life. With the two both finding success, love, and happiness, we hope that they will continue to move their relationship in the right direction. I hope that during next year’s award show party circuit these show up together, looking fabulous as ever.

Paris has also made headlines recently, coming out in support of one of her very best girlfriends and co-star of The World According To Paris, Brooke Mueller. Brooke is not only a friend of the Hilton’s, but Charlie Sheen’s ex. While Charlie may be dealing with his own problems right now, Paris is trying to help Brooke through these tough times in the public eye. Knowing its best not to make enemies in Hollywood, though, Paris made sure to let the press know that she just wants the best for both of them. As Paris puts it, "I think some people are better as friends." Can’t wait to see how Paris and Brooke help each other out this spring on Paris’ new show. Hollywood girlfriends lead some crazy lives!

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