The Music According To Paris Part 4

Last week’s episode of The World According to Paris was PACKED with drama. Paris and her friends celebrated Jen Rovero’s birthday in Las Vegas and explored the question, does what happen in Vegas really stay in Vegas? After a night of strippers, tattoos and lots of drinking, Allison took out her anger on Paris’ innocent assistant, Lexie. Looks like the girls brought the drama back to LA with them, and this week is going to be no different.

Make sure to check out tonight’s episode when Paris and Cy go to Cabo to ring in the new year. Will a romantic week in Cabo be the perfect way to celebrate the coming of a new year? Or will Cy’s jealousy get in the way? Find out tonight on the new episode of The World According to Paris.

PHOTOS: What happens in Cabo...

And here are the songs that make up tonight's edition of The Music According To Paris. Check out some our favorite artists that play in this episode:

  • Salme Dahlstrom- "On My Knees", "So Delicious", "A Boy Who Can"
  • i94-"Everything Is Blue"
  • Kari Kimmel -"Don't Give Up"
  • Minnie Dee - "Gonna Walk Away"

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