The Music According to Paris Part 5

The latest episode of The World According to Paris brought capital D-RAMA. Not only did Paris get in a fight with Brooke about being friends with the man who put out her sex tape, but she also had a pregnancy scare. Although Paris and Cy talked about bringing a baby into their life, Paris seemed a little reluctant to have a baby at this point in her career. Looking back, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, as we all know that Paris & Cy have since split. At least he was supportive throughout the whole saga. Clearly there is not a minute that doesn't go by in Paris' life without a little bit of drama.

PHOTOS: See all the craziness in pictures!

Read what Paris had to say about the episode on her blog!

If you enjoyed any of the songs you heard in the latest episode "Hola, Baby?", check out some of the artists we featured:

  • Kari Kimmel -"Holdin On" "Didn't See this Comin" & "Perfect Day" - Get Kari’s Music!
  • i94 -"Norm"
  • Salme Dahlstrom -"On My Knees"

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