Jen on Episode 5: Hola, Baby?

When I found out that Paris might be pregnant, I wasn't too concerned because I know whatever comes her way, she will hit it straight on and make the best of it. The only thing that made it a little hard was that I know she has a plan for her life and this would have changed her course a bit. Not a bad thing, just different.

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I never really wondered why Paris called me for advice. We talk every day, all day, and we are always there for each other. =) I do know that Nicky and Mom usually get the first calls though. She is super close to her family!

Paris and I always like to try new things, so I thought taking her for acupuncture would be another adventure we could enjoy and giggle over. We like to spend our time either working or exploring what the world has to offer!

When I found out that Brooke thought Paris was in on the sex tape I was pretty surprised, mainly because I was there when all of that happened and I remember Paris coming home in tears. I had to quickly remind myself that Brooke is new to our crew and not as well informed as I am. However, in the time Brooke has known her, I would have thought that she would realize Paris would never release a sex tape for attention like some hungry individuals have done. It was a big misunderstanding that I'm glad was finally cleared up.

When I found out that Paris wasn’t pregnant after all I was relieved... She's has plenty of time to have babies!

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