Kathy on Episode 7: Off The Wagon

I thought having the psychic come over to see me and the girls was a lot of fun!

What wasn’t fun was what happened with Brooke. Kristen and I fought with Brooke. We didn’t want her to go see Charlie in the first place. But she made a pinky promise that she’d be back in one hour and we believed her. We were very upset and stayed up all night – we didn’t expect her to spend the night there at all!

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When I learned what Brooke had done I was very disappointed and upset. I love her very much, but I thought she was being very selfish and irresponsible. She could have at least checked in with us to let us know she was okay. Instead, she kept us up all night worrying about her. I lost the trust I had in her; she promised she’d be back in an hour.


That said, of course I will give Brooke another chance. She’s doing very well and regaining my trust. Everybody deserves a second chance.

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