Kathy on episode 8: Every Day Is My Birthday

People assume they know my daughter based on what they read or see on TV and she’s always worried about what people will think of her. You can’t make everyone happy so I want her to use her best judgment before she makes choices and not worry so much about what people will think. I see my daughter being judged daily and I know how much it hurts her when people say mean things about her or make assumptions based on what they read in the magazines or blogs.

Until you’ve walked in Brooke’s shoes you don’t know what she going through. I know Brooke has disappointed Paris, and made mistakes. Paris has made mistakes and disappointed me too - but she’s my child and I love her no matter what. Brooke is her friend. She is sick and Paris needs to be there for her.

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When Paris told me she found herself looking at engagement rings with Cy, I was worried she might make the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. I love Cy and I know she really cares about him, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right person for her. She was already confused about what she wanted to do regarding their relationship and I thought ring shopping was only going to make it more confusing for both of them.

I suggested they have some time apart because things were rocky between them and I think they needed some time apart to think about what they wanted. Sometimes when you are so close to something it’s hard to see clearly and make the best choices. You need some distance so that you can get some perspective.

Paris is in a great time in her life - she’s really come into her own. She’s accomplished a lot but she’s very young and has so much more life to live. In your thirties you really start to know yourself and I am looking forward to watching her grow as a woman.

No one throws a party like my daughter. It was beautiful, fun, and as they say at Oxygen, Live Out Loud! We had a great time celebrating with her and she really did a good job putting it all together with her party planner and caterer. They make a great team.

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