Lexie on Episode 1: Breaking and Entering

I got the job as Paris' assistant because I know her mother Kathy Hilton, who is a close family friend. She thought I looked wholesome and cute, so she worked her magic and—poof--I was Paris's assistant, much like a fairy Godmother. I swear she's magical!

As Paris' assistant, I pretty much do anything and everything she asks. From taking care of Peter Pan (the tiny dog, not the boy with the growth hormone deficiency) to making and keeping her life's schedule, errands, cooking, organizing, helping her run her company, shopping, you know just a usual Monday.

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I think in the beginning I wasn't quite aware of what the job entailed, and there are just some things I'm not so good at. Cooking is one of those things. You see, I am very aware of my faults and weaknesses. I admit, I am domestically challenged. Warning to all men, I will need a maid and going out will be a frequent occurrence at mealtime. However, maybe one day that maternal ability will just kick in and I'll be a four star chef overnight. Probably not.

Writing adult movie scripts, or hell let’s just say it, porn, came about because my aunt owns the company. I wanted to be a writer and at the end of the day I am writing real movies, just with bad acting and extended graphic sex scenes. The point is that I was doing what I set out to do, regardless of the genre.

When Paris asked me to stop writing porn if I worked for her, I thought about it, and to be honest, it wasn't a difficult choice. I could always go back to work for my aunt. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for a truly brilliant businesswoman who has built an empire out of nothing more than her last name. I know people are haters but we all know they tune in to watch or buy the magazine with her picture on the cover. Because whether you love her or hate her, you want to know what’s going on with Paris Hilton. It's why you're reading this sentence.

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Having to do community service with Paris was really no big deal, so I figured why not? When am I ever going to actually take the time out of my life, which already doesn't have enough hours in the day, to go and do a good deed like this, or a mitzvah as us members of the tribe refer to it. I did a good thing, and that always makes people feel good. You know, you up your karma and the world slowly becomes a better place.

Before this job, I really didn't have an opinion on Paris either way. I mean I knew she was kind and sweet. I knew that she was private and everything I heard prior, be it press or gossip, I didn't take into account, because it was, well, press and gossip. You can't judge people because of what others say in any sense, be it print or verbal. You have to get to know someone and make up your own mind, otherwise you're just letting the rest of the world think for you, and what’s the point of having a brain if you don't use it? I will say this though. In the time I have spent with her, I found her to be an incredible woman who is giving and thoughtful, sensitive and smart. She is a good person and all she really wants is what most people want, to be loved and appreciated. I think all humans want that, I know I do.

The thing that surprised me the most about Paris was what a f*cking fantastic sense of humor that girl possesses. She's hysterical and without a doubt one of the raddest and funniest people I know. I love her, she gets it.

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