Paris on Episode 2: Brooke's Breakdown

Brooke is one of my best friends and I just want to see her happy. She has really been having a rough time this past year. Her troubles with alcohol and her breakup with Charlie Sheen really took a toll on her and I am so proud of her for staying strong for her kids.

She deserves to get out and have a little fun, so when she asked me to hook her up with someone, I jumped on the opportunity. I asked Cy to help me because I trusted that he would pick a nice guy for Brooke. And that’s exactly what she needs right now—a nice guy who she can have fun with. He chose Marco because he was young, fun, and he was going to be in town that weekend.


VIDEO: See another double date that Brooke goes on with her friend and assistant Kristin.

I was really uncomfortable when I realized just how short my dress was on the way to the Jimmy Kimmel show. Though I like to have fun, I’m still a professional and I want to be taken seriously. I couldn’t go on the show wearing the type of dress that I would wear out to a club. Thank God my stylist is amazing and found me a great, more modest, dress last minute.


Though I can’t say I’ll ever be completely comfortable with the paparazzi always following me, I have gotten used to it to an extent. I just have to be confident and go about my business like nothing is wrong, even when I’m unsure of myself in a situation (like when my car breaks down). I was really stressed out when I was stranded in my car on the side of the road, but I had to keep my cool because the paparazzi eat that stuff up. It’s not easy always having to put on a smile, but I do my best.


PHOTOS: See Paris handle the paparazzi gracefully at her L.A. premiere party.

I scheduled a makeover for Brooke hoping that it would help boost her confidence for her date with Marco. She hadn’t gone out with a guy since her breakup with Charlie and I just wanted her to look and feel great. I thought a new look would help start her off on a clean slate.


I thought LW was a little invasive and almost smothering. I mean, the guy was following Brooke around and even sleeping on her floor! I think Brooke should have a sober companion, but she also needs time and space to herself so that she can become stronger on her own.

I was a little surprised at first when Brooke called my mom instead of me. But this isn’t about me. This is about Brooke and what she needs and I will be here for her whenever she needs me. I think it’s important that Brooke does whatever she needs to do in order to regain control of her life again. I think she showed just how strong she was by checking herself into rehab and taking that first step towards recovery. She realizes that she needs to do it not only for herself but for her kids, and I’m happy she’s getting her life back on track.


Giving back is something I genuinely enjoy doing. I think it’s important to help people out in any way that I can. As someone who has had so many opportunities, it is the least I can do.


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