Sneak Peek: "It's Like They're Playing House!"

By Oxygen

Oh boy is there trouble in paradise between Don and Jurnee, a young couple that plans to get married right out of high school. However, they're far from a blissful young couple. Don's parents disapprove of the marriage, saying they're far from financially ready. "It's like they're playing house! They don't have a job," says Don's dad. Jurnee is also living in a trailer that Don's parents bought for him. "We bought this trailer for you," they say to Don, and to Jurnee: "Not you." The pressure, the living situation, as well as some past indiscretions have caused the couple to fight among themselves, too. "Maybe we shouldn't even f***ing get married, then," yells Jurnee in a heated moment. What do YOU think? Watch the Sneak Peek!

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