Too Young To Marry: The Playlist!

By Matt Muro
From The Beatles ("I Saw Her Standing There") to Taylor Swift (half her catalogue, probs), youth and love have been a constant topic in pop music. Every Wednesday, we'll add songs tackling this subject to our Too Young To Marry playlist on Spotify. Write-in suggestions welcomed.
Taylor Swift, "Fifteen"

Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" is a classic in the puppy love pop genre. It's about inexperience, crazed excitement and crushing letdown -- all set to wistful guitar strumming.  The song features two awkward freshman high schoolers (Taylor and her bestie Abigail), who dream of being winked at by "one of those senior boys." Abigail's first kiss made her "head spin around."  But surprise, surprise... she "gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind." 
Destiny's Child, "Sweet Sixteen"

"Sweet Sixteen" by Destiny's Child tells a similar story to "Fifteen," except it's sadder. Whereas "Fifteen" oozes wholesomeness, Jackie from "Sweet Sixteen" was "searching for the love she missed... so she ran away." Smells like a broken home, right? And while both girls are too young to realize their own naivety, it's 16-year-old Jackie who pays a high price: 
"She fell in love with a man who was so fine
He made her promises, yeah
She didn't stop to think if he was serious, no, no, no 
Until she had his baby"
The Specials, "Too Much Too Young" 

The British ska band The Specials humorously advocate not settling down young with its 1979 song "Too Much Too Young." In the chorus, frontman Terry Hall laments: "You've done too much, much too young/Now you're married with a kid when you could be having fun with me." And the song is full of zingers, including: 1) "Ain't he cute, no he ain't/He's just another burden on the welfare state" and, 2) "Take control of the population boom. It's in your living room/Keep a generation gap, try wearing a cap."


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