Where are Angel & Kevin Now? Angel Speaks...

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The premiere of Too Young to Marry? ended on an ambiguous note. During the episode,  Kevin cheated on Angel, and the couple was forced to endure strong disapproval by Angel's born-again mom. In the end, Kevin proposed to angel on a New York horse-drawn carriage -- but they still didn't set a date. We caught up with Angel to find out what happened after the taping, and things apparently turned up wildly different than that romantic coach ride. Scroll down to read all about it!

So what happened between you and Kevin after to show?

So, Kevin proposed. We both came out here to California, and we were going to work it out -- but then everything went upside down. He was acting like my father and always being cheap with me. He and his cousin were all living off me. I told him I was getting an apartment and thought maybe we can work things out and live with each other, but Kevin was always tentative about it, he wanted to go back to New York...We got into a huge argument and I said 'You’re cheap get out of my life!' So I deleted him off Facebook, I blocked his number. I blocked him out of my life, until recently we started talking againl. I apologized for going extreme on him but I've been seeing this guy  who lives in Hollywood and I'm really happy.

Are you thinking about marrying the new guy?

I'm definitely gonna wait! I'm definitely gonna take my time with this one. We just started dating recently. Everything is new and fresh, and I'm working hard on building my career. Im not gonna fall into that trap! I like having my own apartment, my own space!

Do you feel like things worked out for the best, though? Considering all that’s happened?

Yes I'm so happy Kevin cheated on me! If he wasn’t cheating he would have cheap with me in the long run. I don’t wanna agree with my family or anything, but a lot of them were right about the situation. I never was with anyone else before. I never knew anything else, I didn't know there was better out there. Now that I'm living in another state, I realize there is more out there and I can be treated like a king. 

To be honest, just from the surface it felt like, if anyone was going to cheat, it was going to be you, because you're so outgoing.

That's so funny! Other people have said that. But you gotta watch out for the quiet ones! Everyone assumes the loud one is gonna cheat! But sometimes we’re loud because we’re making up for a void, not because we’re actually crazy.  

How are you and your mother doing? 

We have a bit of a don't ask, don't tell thing going. She doesn't know I'm seeing someone, she thinks I'm single, and we don't live in the same state. Obviously she was very happy when we didnt get married! But I found out  that I have all this family here I've never met, so I'm building relationships with them. 

Do you have advice for any teenagers or young people who are thinking of getting married?

I would tell a teenager: don’t jump the gun. Because even if you’re pregnant or whatever, wait until after high school, see how college is, see if you get a job. Maybe give it two years and if you still wanna get married then do it. but definitely wait two years because you NEVER KNOW. You might wanna travel first. There’s so much around you, there’s so much more to do.

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