James on Episode 6: The Pregnancy Police

The Royal Wedding slumber party was such fun! I loved getting the British flags and all the other stuff for it. It was so funny bumping into all the Brits at the British shop running around grabbing stuff.I miss England all the time. I especially miss it at Christmas with the mince pies, Yorkshire puddings and Christmas pudding. I love all the typical British food- fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, good curry, shepherds pie, sewit pudding, roast dinner, English breakfastthe list is truly endless. BUT L.A. has sunshine!!! It makes a massive difference every day to have the sun on your face. Sometimes you don't see the sun in England for weeks and weeks... miserable.As for Tori, I had no doubt that she could handle it all- she is a working machine!!Dean is such a good cook and truly passionate about it. His breakfast was amazing! They have proper breakfast bacon in Canada too!
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