Chicness is my weakness

By permanenteditor
I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista. As a woman we know we don't always feel confident in ourselves. But, when it comes to fashion I have a true passion and confidence for days! Mehran and I as teenagers used to dream of being big designers, strutting the runway ourselves, and seeing our creations walk the runway in Fashion Week. We used to spray paint tees that said, "I have a passion for fashion" and " Chicness is my weakness". Well, two of my dreams came true all at the same time. I went to New York Fashion Week. It's always chaotic chicness and the smell of design in the air transports you to another world of giddy excitement. I was asked to walk the runway at Bryant Park for The Red Dress Fashion Show -- an amazing charity fashion show where celebrity women all walk in red in the name of women! I had always practiced my model walk in my mom's heels since I was 5 years old. I'd watch the ads, the movies, then fashion TV. I learned models have a very specific walk. It's beautifully graceful in a horse prance type of way. I must have studied Kate, Naomi, and Linda for hours. I knew I'd never really walk a runway but at least I would know the walk! And, here I was getting the opportunity.TORIChicness is my weaknessTue June 23I was dressed in an original Betsy Johnson and felt on top of he world! That is, until moments before the show when they took me to practice and I realized one of my shoes didn't fit. I kept stepping out of it. I was devastated! How could I properly do my model walk without working heels?!? What would a super model do? I channeled my inner Claudia and realized...They'd suck it up, go out there with all the confidence in the world, and prance their ass off in that broken stiletto! So...I sucked in a bit, held my head mid-confidence level, and pranced out there as if the shoe designer Christian Louboutin was carrying me himself. I thought, "Focus on people," as I waved and blew kisses to the audience. Never let them see ya stumble. When I was done I was relieved, proud of myself, and vowed never to buy cheap stilettos for fashion week again! Next, another dream came true! Mehran and I have been designing jewelry together for about 6 years now. Our big break came when we decided to partner up with HSN and create exclusively for them "The Tori Spelling Collection." A high-end chic, fun gold line for very affordable prices. Just because you look like a million bucks doesn't mean you have to spend it. My line of necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, earring, watches, and bold cocktail rings sell for $19 to $79. I'm very proud to give the customer quality pieces at reasonable prices. That said, when I met designer Christian Siriano at Fashion Week I was SO excited. Mehran and I loved him on "Project Runway"! Fiorosia Coutura as he named himself. We met backstage and he actually knew I had a jewelry line and loved it. He asked if I wanted to pair some of my jewelry designs with his designs for his big runway show. Ummmm... Are ya kidding me? YES! But I had to remain calm so I politely said great and then asked for a pic of us togetherI for my new facebook page! I knew Mehran would be psyched too. So when he got to NY to meet me I couldn't wait to tell him that our silly childhood designer dream was about to come to fruition as our jewels hit the runway!It was a magnificent week. I got to bring my kids and do an amazing event with them. I got to launch with Pull Ups the potty dance for toddlers transitioning from diapers to pull ups and then the toilet! The dance was fun and Liam likes it because he loves to dance. So we got to do it for tons of moms and kids at their event and all had a great time. So, I was in NY during Fashion Week where I got to walk the runway, have my designs in a major designers fashion show, play with my kids at a fun mom/kid event I was hosting, and have my gay husband Mehran in NY amongst the chicness with me! The only piece of this perfect puzzle that was missing was DEAN! MY HUSBAND! He was still in Calgary filming "Santa Baby 2". And, as it turns out it was Valentine's Day. Another year spent with my gay husband. Last V Day, Dean was filming "Saving God" in Toronto so Mehran to the rescue took me to dinner. This year no Dean again. Mehran and I decided to be cheesy and go overboard romantic and went to The Oak Room at The Plaza for dinner. Oh how romantic for a fruit fly and her best gay! We giggled amongst all the trying too hard to be romantic couples and drank our champagne. But, there was a little surprise Dean had arranged for me that even Mehran didn't know about.... You'll see!!
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