Daddy's Back!!!

By permanenteditor
I was totally shocked when I walked into the garage and saw that Tori made arrangements to get my race bike back. I was prepared to walk away from riding and racing. Once I make up my mind about something there's no turning back. But!! Having my wife encourage me and support me finishing something I started is the best feeling in the world. Daddy's Back!!! The organic garden is fun. My mom used to grow tomatoes when I was a kid, so it brings back a lot of great memories. I adore my new tattoo. Tim Hendricks did such an amazing job!! He's the best. The tiger is me, the koi fish are Liam, Stella and T. The peonies are for wealth and prosperity. I want to keep getting more!! Luckily I'm a big guy. Lots of canvas to work with.Bill and Scout's wedding was beautiful. They are so in love, and really do complete each other. It was great having their parents at the wedding. They're so sweet, and we were able to get our family fix in with them. I have to say, Tori falling in her dress was one of the most elegant, funniest falls I have ever seen!! It cracked me up. I also love seeing T laugh so hard she cries. It makes me feel good to see her happy. Even if it was at her expense. Getting the Guncles thongs for something borrowed, something new and something blue, I thought was so fitting. Billy and Scouty have the same warped sense of humor I do, and I knew they would get a kick out of it. I really didn't think they would wear them. Bless their hearts they did. Just don't ask me how I know!!
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