Dean really surprised us both.

By permanenteditor
You always hear that you shouldn't do business with friends, but Tori and I have managed to strike the perfect balance. Creatively, we are very much in tune with each other, and share a lot of the same design and aesthetic sensibilities. Being best friends and knowing each other so well allows us to communicate very directly and candidly. We have no qualms about being brutally honest on any subject. This approach definitely applies to any and all design or business matters, which in turn allows us to run the businesses more effectively. I guess that's one of the secrets to the success of our personal and business relationship: a very, very open line of communication. I believe that a healthy dose "bickering" is required for any friendship or business relationship to grow. It's a great way to get your feelings out on the table and vent. I believe this process always leads you to a common ground and sets you up for growth. However, I'm not a big fan of arguing or airing your dirty laundry out in the open. That goes double when you're in a professional setting. I firmly believe that these conversations should take place in private because you're more likely to reach a resolution without an audience watching.Meeting Christian Siriano was great. He is such a talent! He's in his early twenties and his body of work is already so impressive and sophisticated. When he told us that he wanted to use our jewelry in his fashion show, we were beyond flattered. Tori and I have been designing jewelry for five years now and to see our designs on the runway of a major New York fashion show was a dream come true! Valentine's dinner was definitely eventful and it actually worked out really well in the end. Both of Tori's husbands got to spend some quality time with her -- so everyone was happy. Dean really surprised us both. I honestly had no idea he was coming. In fact, he had given me her Valentine's presents in LA to give to her at dinner that evening. I know Tori was hoping that he would come, so it was awesome when he did. He's a very romantic guy and always comes through for Tori. It was really great to be part of that experience!
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