I was so sad for Liam being sick for his birthday.

The decision to sell all my motorcycles was not easy. I have a tendency to make quick and sometimes rash decisions. This one I thought long and hard about. I have been inundated with pleas to stop riding and racing from family and friends, but when I really realized how much stress and grief it was causing my wife, I came to the conclusion to sell my bikes. Even though I have all the confidence in the world that no harm will come to me while on 2 wheels, it's not worth putting my wife through hell every time I throw a leg over a bike. Talking to Mehran about riding and racing is a conversation I have had plenty of times!!! He's one of T's oldest and dearest friends and I respect his opinion a lot. He is a good judge and can really see both sides of a situation. He knows how much I love riding, but he opened my eyes to how much it was hurting my wife.I was so sad for Liam being sick for his birthday, mainly because I hate to see my children sick. It breaks your heart when they fall ill. I was also sad because he was going to miss a kick ass Cars themed birthday bash. The most important thing was to get him better, so we kept him home and let all his little friends enjoy the party for him. His little sister Stella went as a rep for the McDermott family. It's bitter sweet when your children start school. It's such a great feeling of accomplishment as a parent. You've raised your little ones to the point of education, and now they're out there in the world learning and growing, but it's also a sign of how fast they grow and they're now on this speeding train of life. Soon, you won't have a lot of the things you used to have together. My favorite is napping with the kids all cozy and cuddly. Oh well, at least I have a little bit of time before they out grow naps.I bought T a ring to apologize for crashing and not telling her about it. (She found out from Santiago.) I put her through so much stress and I felt I had to get her something significant. This was a situation where flowers would just not cut it. There are a lot of situations us guys can get out of by giving flowers, but this one needed something with a little extra ummpphh !! You can never go wrong with jewelry. Ever!!

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