It was a truly magical weekend!

Spa day with Jenny and Tori was fun, relaxing and nostalgic. The three of us rarely get to spend time together, so it was a really nice for us to catch-up while participating in one of our favorite pastimes -- getting pedicures. Tori had just gotten back from doing press in NY for her book, so the focus of our conversation turned to her mother. Not a big surprise. I honestly believe that until some resolution or closure is achieved, these conversations will continue to recur indefinitely. I was so excited that Bill and Scout decided to have a commitment ceremony. It would've been great if our supposedly "liberal" state recognized their union as well, but in the end, they didn't need a law to validate the deep love they share. They asked me to say a few words at dinner and I was incredibly honored, but a little bit nervous as well. I spoke from the heart when I told them how incredible it has been watching their relationship evolve over the past seven years. The ceremony, dinner and party were all incredibly fun and chic! It was also great spending time with their families. It was a truly magical weekend!

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