I've taken up a fast new hobby.

Since last season a lot has been going on. My son Jack moved back to LA ...Yay!! Tori and Jack's relationship is awesome. They hit if off from the moment they met. And their relationship grows stronger everyday. Liam's talking up a storm and Stella's growing like a weed. Liam's a great big brother. At first he was like, "Who is this new baby and when is it leaving?" And now, he adores her and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. He had a good role model in his big brother Jack. Juggling two babies isn't very different from having just one. There's not a lot of difference between two babies and one baby. When you're in "parent-mode" there's not a lot of difference between 1 or 3 kids... I've taken up a fast new hobby. I've been riding since I was 16 and on Father's Day last year, T rented me a Ducoti for the summer. The owner, Santiago Campa, got me into racing with Fast Track Riders and now I have my WERA race license.Also since last season I have fallen more in love with my wife. And I do feel guilty having a hobby when T is so busy. But, being equally as busy, I need an outlet to clear my head and racing does that for me. Would I love for my wife to have the same hobby? Absolutely! What can I say?...Boys will be boys. This season you can plan on seeing lots of work, fun, a new hobby and lots of poop. Oh, and one hell of a 1st birthday party. - Dean

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