Mom vs. Actress

By permanenteditor
This year I guest starred on "Smallville" and "90210." Having been in full mom mode I found it hard to get back into the 12 to 15 hour a day acting grind. I think mainly because I had to leave my babies. Sometimes during filming I would leave for work before they woke up and return after they were in bed for the night. Every time that happened my heart broke. I obsessed over the fact that I had missed an entire day in their young lives. Days that fly by so quick that it seems like in a blink of an eye that Liam went from a helpless milk guzzling newborn to a wide eyed inquisitive little man who does the chicken dance, says NO constantly, and says "Hi mama. Miss you". Time flies when you are in a state of amazement. Which is what everyday brings to a mother. But, back to acting. Don't get me wrong. I love acting. It's my passion. It's what I thrive on. I love performing. But, nothing gives me more satisfaction than the two little voices who call out "mama" and love me unconditionally. Their MOMMY loves them with all her being. Now that is the role I was born to play!
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